Podcast METHYLOMIC Matters - Results from the EPIC-CD project


Methylomic Matters is a podcastseries by the METHYLOMIC project: a program committed to bringing personalised treatment-selection in Crohn’s disease and other immune-mediated inflammatory diseases to clinical practice. In this podcastseries our host Dr. Vincent Joustra discusses several topics on DNA-methylation, machine based learning and how to bring these techniques to clinical practice.

In the second episode of METHYLOMIC matters we have the privilege of conversing with Professor Geert D’Haens and Dr. Andrew Li Yim as we delve into the pre-METHYLOMIC era and discover the science behind the OMICROHN trial: the EPIC-CD study. How did we design this biomarker discovery study and what are key important methodological steps? What were the main results and how do we envision the future? All this and more in the second episode of METHYLOMIC matters!

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