Podcast METHYLOMIC Matters - The concept of DNA methylation in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Methylomic Matters is a podcastseries by the METHYLOMIC project: a program committed to bringing personalised treatment-selection in Crohn’s disease and other immune-mediated inflammatory diseases to clinical practice. In this podcastseries our host Dr. Vincent Joustra discusses several topics on DNA-methylation, machine based learning and how to bring these techniques to clinical practice.

In the first episode of METHYLOMIC matters we will speak with dr. Anje te Velde and Professor Wouter de Jonge, diving into the concept of DNA methylation changes in IBD and their potential to be used as biomarkers of therapy response in IBD. What is epigenetics and how does it work? Why is DNA methylation interesting in complex immune mediated diseases and what is the history behind the EPIC-CD and METHYLOMIC projects? All this and more in the first episode of METHYLOMIC matters!

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