Work Package 7

Management and Coordination


The overall aim of WP7 is to ensure that the project’s objectives are realised and that the project is implemented in compliance with the EC Grant Agreement and CA.


  1. Provide scientific coordination and management of the project to ensure efficient and within budget successful achievement of objectives, completion of deliverables and milestones
  2. Ensure that METHYLOMIC is carried out under EU regulations, according to the contractual legal requirements and financial guidelines and facilitate swift decision-making
  3. Foster collaboration within METHYLOMIC and actively trail research feeding into the project
  4. Establish measures for adequate data management
  5. Implement an online tool to facilitate data sharing and internal communication.


A management structure has been designed to create optimal conditions to conduct this project. Due to the scale of the project, a Project Support Team composed of the Project Coordinator (Prof. Geert D’Haens, AMC), Deputy Coordinator (Prof. Wouter de Jonge), one senior EU project manager (Drs Paul Bessems, DESCIN) and one senior EU project controller (Drs Ralf Zaal, DESCIN) will be installed. The General Assembly, chaired by the Project Coordinator, is the highest decision-making body in METHYLOMIC and consists of 1 representative per beneficiary. To keep the management structure straightforward the Project Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator and Work Package leaders will be clustered in the Executive Committee, chaired by the Project Coordinator, representing each Work Package and is the core group for implementing decisions made in the General Assembly into the Work Packages. An External Advisory Board will officially be installed. The Project Coordinator and WP6 leader will ensure close involvement and collaboration with the External Advisory Board, Dissemination, Exploitation, and Intellectual Property committee and Patient Advisory Council (established in WP6) and actively involve them in the project meetings and stakeholder workshops.

Work Package

Leader: Paul Bessems, Descin

Work Package

Leader: Ralf Zaal, Descin

Work Package

Co-leader: Geert D'Haens, Amsterdam UMC