GenDx is a global leader in molecular diagnostics for matching stem cell transplant pa-tients with donors, and monitor success of transplantation. We combine our renowned software and reagents for high resolution HLA typing by Next Generation Sequencing and Chimerism monitoring with excellent customer support and education.

We work closely with our partners and clients by sharing knowledge and train lab profes-sionals to advance the field of transplant typing and monitoring. With a highly educated and motivated team of about 80 people and 40 distributors we contribute worldwide to the quality of life of transplant patients.

Role in METHYLOMIC project

As a company specialized in developing personalized diagnostic assays and software development, GenDx partnered with AUMC in 2017 in various precursors of the Methylomic project.

In this way, we merge scientific expertise with commercial and regulatory proficiency, facilitating the translation of scientific findings regarding differential methylation profiles in Crohn’s into a reliable, fast, affordable and user-friendly test for clinical diagnostics. Co-chairing work package 2 of the Methylomic project alongside AUMC presents GenDx with a valuable opportunity to establish all required collaborations that will help create an innovative assay. This allows the consortium to develop a solution that benefits all stakeholders, but most importantly makes life better for patients suffering from Crohn’s disease.

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