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Under the lead of prof. dr. Jo Lambert, the PsoGent research group, associated with the dermatology department of University Hospital of Ghent, focuses on a ‘Value Based Healthcare’ approach, where we organize ourselves into an Integrated Practice Unit around the clinical entity of psoriasis, coined PsoPlus®. Inherent to this approach, we keep track of patient-relevant outcome measures (whether or not in official registries). At the same time we investigate and optimize the costs we have to make to achieve these outcomes.

As we want to raise value for our patients, we are fueling continuous improvement through further research activities: by optimizing the appropriate use of the immunological treatments through therapeutic drug monitoring, by looking for new pathogenic insights, and prediction marker research, but also by looking into the effect of novel interventions such as diet. We also have established a gene cream proof of concept in an organoid psoriasis model. These novel research insights are coupled back into the patient approach in PsoPlus®.

Our main running research projects are focusing on value-based healthcare (IRIS trial), therapeutic drug monitoring of biologics (BIOLOPTIM and BeNeBio), biomarker research (PAOLO) and diet interventions (MANGO) within psoriasis.

Role in METHYLOMIC project

We will be one of the recruiting dermatology centers within Methylomic. More specific, we will include patients for the clinical trial with the aim of (work package 4) validation of an epigenetic biomarker that can predict treatment success in RA and psoriasis patients in line with recent findings in Crohn’s disease and a discovery study in RA.

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