AMICI Italia


AMICI Italy, the National Association for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, brings together adults and children suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease, their families, and all those who share the value of health and the bond of social solidarity. It is estimated that in Italy there are about 250,000 people affected by these diseases and 5 million worldwide.  The Association aims to address the socio-health problems posed by these pathologies and avails itself of the advice and collaboration of a committee of professionals dedicated to medical-scientific aspects.

The Association intends to ensure better integration into the patient’s family and social sphere for a disease that is unknown to public opinion. AMICI Onlus is committed to providing support to patients, through free psychological support projects in various Italian treatment centers.  In addition, AMICI Onlus creates campaigns to break the wall of silence around IBD patients, raising awareness at the same time on less recognized issues.

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