Crohn-RCUH Association


The non-profit organization Crohn-RCUH Association aims to provide general and regular information on all aspects of IBD to patients living in French-Speaking Belgium.  This association has existed since 1985 and is made up of a few volunteer patients assisted by a medical and scientific committee.

Medical information such as therapeutic updates, how various treatments work, vaccines, and more, are handled by the physicians on our medical and scientific committee to be explained to patients either at conferences or through educational articles in the bi-annual magazine that all our members receive.

To help patients cope with their IBD on a daily basis, a team of volunteer patients manage a hotline from Monday to Saturday, as well as 2 Facebook groups. The association also takes steps towards the political world to alleviate legal and social problems that may arise from IBD (for example, with insurance companies !)

The association also provides support and information by bringing together its members and helping them to better cope with the disease (for example, through the PASSE-TOILETTE card)

United We Stand!

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